A Man Hitting a Woman Is a Big No-No, But What If He’s Gay?

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We all grew up under the notion that “a man should never put his hands on a woman.” Your momma, aunties, grandma, Pop-Pop and even your drunk uncle Junebug all taught you that a man who beats women is nothing more than a coward. (A pussy, a punk, a weak as—you get my drift.) We’ve been conditioned that any man who goes around slappin’ up chicks like doctors on a baby’s bottom is not a “real man.”

But does the same apply to gay men? Pause. Let me set the record straight: Am I saying that all homosexual males are not “real men?” Nah. Am I saying that because a man is gay that he’s automatically a punk or a coward? Absolutely not. I love gay men and respect the entire LGBT community as human beings, just like I would anyone else. But let’s be real: Society generally looks at homophile men as soft and “unmanly” beings who typically posses feminine qualities. So if that theory holds true, does it offer an excuse for a gay man to pounce on females without criticism or repercussion?

From my experiences, it sure as hell seems like it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who knows more than a handful of Jackquishas, Shawnickas, and Tommickas who won’t hesitate to “smack a b—h quick [pats head, pops neck]” and leave room to brag about it. I’ve seen gay men attack women, threaten them, and stomp girls out like pissed-off hoodrats killing cockroaches in the projects.

Is there ever a big uproar, jaws dropping in awe, or heads shaking in disgust? Nope! Why? Because the men involved behaved like females, pulled hair like females and threw punches like Sharkeisha (okay, maybe that wasn’t the best example). Now is there something wrong with this picture? If you ask me, I say, “Hell-to-the-yes!”

In society, particularly urban areas, it seems like a man’s homosexuality and the womanly way in which he may carry himself gives him clearance to handle women the way women handle women. But just because a man likes men, or displays effeminacy does not make it okay for him to catfight in the street with Shay Shay and Christina. (Sorry boo boo, you may wear wavy Brazilian, walk in six-inch pumps and p-pop better than your home girl Keisha, but that does not take away from the fact that you are still a MAN! With real, live, man POWER!)

Knocking chicks out shouldn’t be a hobby for a gay man just like it shouldn’t be recreation for a straight one. So I say let’s stop giving back-slap passes to our male friends who ditched the basketball for jump rope at recess. But hey, maybe I’m haven’t been drinking enough of that loopy juice, so I’m trippin’ out. A lot of gay men already view themselves as females anyway. So how could clumping a chick make him any less of a man, right?

What are your thoughts readers? Is it okay for gay men to hit women?

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  1. I totally agree! Unless you’re fighting to protect you and yours, fighting when you’re grown is classless and simple minded. I know gay men that feel that they can lay their hands on women and brag about it and honestly it’s tragic. Even if women aren’t your cup of tea you should still want to protect and don’t harm them. If someone can bring you to the point where you want to fight them, they don’t need to be around you.

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