Black Fact of the Week: Dr. Ivan Van Sertima Debunks Europe’s ‘Discovery’ of America with ‘They Came Before Columbus’

In 1977, author, scholar and anthropologist Dr. Ivan Van Sertima published the controversial index, They Came Before Columbus, an assemblage of archaeological evidence that appropriates the presence of African explorers in the Americas before the advent of Christopher Columbus and his voyagers.

For its concrete evidence and importance in both African and world history, They Came Before Columbus won the Clarence L. Holte Prize in 1981; an honor that was awarded every two years “for a work of excellence in literature and the humanities relating to the cultural heritage of Africa and the African diaspora,” before it ceased just a few years before the passing of Mr. Holte in 1993.

If you haven’t already, pick this one up. It’s definitely a great read! #KnowThyself



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