Cute Little Girl Killing It to Jersey Club

little girl dancing club

If you know anything about Jersey’s urban culture, then you know club music is HUGE in NJ! (No, not that fist-pumping Jersey Shore crap, but an actual musical genre called “Jersey Club.”) Well, this little girl has been blowing up on the internet with her club-inspired dance moves, and once you watch this video, you’ll see why.

Lil’ mama is gettin’ it!

A brief history on Jersey Club:

Club music was created in Baltimore, Maryland but traveled up the coast to Newark, New Jersey by way of the legendary club king DJ Tameil in the late ’90s. Over the years, club music spread throughout the state of New Jersey and has become a major element of the Black party scene in the state. (Particularly at high school and college events.) 

Eventually, the genre’s popularity in NJ led to the distinctive title of “Jersey Club” that umbrellas numerous DJs, producers and dancers all over the state. Today, Jersey Club music is often coupled with dance moves that are called out over the tracks, like instructional dances songs. This style of the genre has become increasingly popular over the past few years and club heads all over Jersey take pride in showing off their dance moves whenever their favorite club track comes on.


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