Fashion Killa of the Week: Bee Jackson



Ethnic background: African American
Hometown: Newark, NJ
Age: 27
Fashion-related occupation: Stylist
Blog: (coming soon)
Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: Bee JacksonTheBee_JacksonMiss_BeeJackson
Weapon(s) of choice: Body con mini dress & 6 inch pumps
Go-to accessories: Sunglasses & fedoras
“When I step out the door, all eyes on my heels.”
Wigs on FLEEK!”

She’s the perfect mix between class and sass, curves and nerve, and she’s not afraid to squeeze into a hip-hugging get-up to show it off. (With nothing but grace, of course.) Meet this week’s super-dope fashion slayer, Bee Jackson.

Miss CM: Who or what inspires your style?

Bee: I swear I don’t have a set style. I go off emotion, which gets me into trouble [laughs].

Your fashion sense is bold, like you’re trying to make a statement. What are you trying to get across, what is your mission?

My mission is for not just women, but people to believe in their own style instead of dressing like a celebrity or wearing what’s ‘in.’ Whatever you feel like putting on, JUST DO IT AND OWN IT!

Why do you love fashion?

I love it because it allows me to express myself. Not just with clothes, but down to the polish that I wear. My color always reflects my mood. ALWAYS!

You seem to be into high-end fashion lines. Who is your favorite fashion designer? 

One might think I am a label whore [laughs], but I promise I’m not! Yes I love Chanel, Nina Ricci, & DVF—especially her wrap dresses—but I love wearing no-name pieces and mixing it with my labels! Most of the time, you can’t tell what is what. I can wear a pair of Gucci pumps or Dolce pumps and you would never know; unless you just know your ish! It’s about the style for me more so than who made it.

And style is something she definitely owns.

Click on the tabs below to get a peek at some of Bee’s best looks.

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4 Comments on Fashion Killa of the Week: Bee Jackson

  1. Bee is IT! Thoroughly iconic!

  2. Bee slays. Casual– business chic– runway!

  3. I don’t know her, but her pictures on FB looks nice and not trashy. If I have to give her style/fashion a grade, I will give her an A.

  4. Dalila Scott // February 1, 2015 at 5:36 pm // Reply

    I Loooooove Bee’s style! Ever since I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her, I have ALWAYS admired how she is not afraid to take risk and wear wat she wants, however she wants !

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