Is It Okay to Date One of Your Friends’ Old Flings If They Never Had Sex?

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Okay, so we all know the cardinal rule of courting that states, “You don’t date your friends’ exes.” That’s Guy Code 101, Girl Code 101, hell even Tramp Code 102. But let’s say your best bud hung out with a little hottie for a few months, with whom things never got sexual (don’t roll your eyes, those types of relationships still go on) and now the ex-situation is looking at you with their good eye. But it’s not just them, you’re feeling shorty doo-wop too.

You try to ignore the butterflies and nasty little thoughts that run through your mind whenever you think of them or someone mentions their name. You may even feel guilty for considering pushin’ up on one of your friend’s old boos. But hol’ up, wait! You suddenly remember that there was never any real intimacy between the two (aka they didn’t knock boots) so at this point, the creep in you comes out; and as you’re rubbing your hands together with the Stevie J rat face, you start seriously scheming on how to make this thing pop. But what would your friend think? Duh, genius! That’s why you’d go talk to them first and ask how they’d feel if you made that move. Hey, you never know, they may be cool with it.

This might sound weird, but I personally know of a couple who got hitched after the male-half broke free from a mildly serious relationship with his current lover’s close friend. “Bryan” (as I’ll refer to him) and “Kim” had been dating for about two months before Bryan realized that Kim’s friend “Janiece” was better suited for him. Surprisingly, Kim agreed and decided to step aside and let Niecey assume the girlfriend position. No hard feelings. No jealousy or hate. Just a mutual understanding. All of them even hang out from time-to-time, along with Kim’s new boo. (I guess it rolled over smoothly since Bryan and Kim never dropped their drawers, supposedly.)

But that fairytale ending won’t fly with everybody! You might mess around and get a fat eye screwing around with one of Ray Rays’ old girls they he never got a chance to hit. (You know he ain’t scared to go back to jail.) And don’t let Shafiqua find out you’ve been plottin’ on her elementary boo from back in the third grade. Because regardless if sex was involved or not, some people believe that it’s NEVER acceptable to jump into bed with a person who once made moves with a friend.

Welp, to each his own.

What are your thoughts on this topic readers? Is it okay to date a friend’s ex if they never rubbed skins?

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