Should Women Who Act Like Hoes Be Treated Like Them?

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When it comes to cuffin’, it’s no secret that it’s taboo to lockdown a female that’s considered “loose.” No guy wants a woman with a reputation for opening up the cookie jar to every Tom, Dick and Brady. (Even though most of them are unbuckling their denims for every Jane, Joy and Jill. But that’s a different story.)

Men want good, upstanding and respectable women who behave with class and remain loyal; basically, a man wants a woman he doesn’t have to worry about lying on her back every time he turns his. So women who act in accordance tend to get “wifed,” while women with their asses out and their legs permanently split usually fall to the wayside. These 7-Eleven chicks might get a quick screw and a few bucks, sure. But to many men, they are seen as worthless objects whom are nothing more than a fast nut and a slap on the butt. And sadly, they tend to get treated as such.

Is this really acceptable? Well, to the women who live their lives as playthings, it may be. They choose to be slutty and act without class so they should expect to be treated that way, right? Men should handle them like trash, talk to them with no regard, and throw them in the dumpster when they’re through, true? Well I disagree.

They may flaunt their promiscuity and swallow mistreatment with a smile, but these kinds of females are typically tortured little girls trapped in grown women’s bodies. You know the type: the girls with the skimpy attire, showing off their little bodies; craving for attention and the only way they know how to get it is to toot up their tits and poke their asses out. They don’t mind letting men violate them because they don’t see themselves as worthy of anything better.

Yeah, the ones who’ve been raped by their fathers, touched by their uncles or pimped by their mothers. The class of females who grew up in tainted households that lacked positive male influences and parental guidance; the brainwashed little girls who were taught that they are unattractive or cum buckets worthy of nothing more than a few pumps and 20 bucks.

Whether they’ve been abused physically, mentally of emotionally, these women have been conditioned to despise themselves and it manifests through their shameful mannerisms. Should they be held accountable for their actions? Absolutely. Nobody is forcing them to spread their legs for any and every man they feel they can gain something from. Should they aspire to live wiser and want more for themselves? Of course. But a slave who does not realize that he is a slave will never be free.

Yes, skanky-acting women may carry themselves disgracefully, but they are queens nonetheless. They just don’t know it. They can birth royalty, raise communities of intellectuals, leaders and warriors—they just don’t know it. They are more valuable than any gem or jewel on planet Earth—they just don’t know it. Just like any other woman, they hold the key to humanity and civilization but, you guessed it, they haven’t got a clue.

So, to all the men: don’t be so quick to call them out their names by addressing them as “bitches” and “hoes.” They may behave that way, but that doesn’t mean you should treat them as such. No, I’m not telling you to jump up and marry a woman who’s been deemed a “slut.” I’m not even telling you to date one (hey, that’s up to your discretion). What I’m saying is that these types of young ladies already don’t think much of themselves, so don’t add fuel to the fire by validating those corrupted beliefs. Especially if you choose to sleep with them.

Why take advantage of their low self-esteem by using them, abusing them, and putting them to shame when that’s what people have been doing to them their entire lives? Instead of the usual “hey hoe” when addressing them, the “f—k that b—h” when discussing them, or treating them like yesterday’s garbage when you’re pretending to be cool in front of your friends, try showing them that they’re more important than they believe they are.

Because what does it say about you as a man when you’d spew words of hate at a loose-acting woman because you don’t think she deserves respect, but would then use that same tongue to lure her to bed? And if you’re a man who cot-hops yourself, what are you implying about your own character when you would hand dishonorable treatment to a female simply because she gets around like you?

Think about it.




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