Four Natural Products I Use to Moisturize My Hair

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Everyone’s hair needs moisture. But when you’re Black, you gotta keep that scalp greased and oiled on a regular to avoid walking around with your dome looking like Pookie’s hands and lips. Besides preventing crust and flakes, our hair needs consistent lubrication to promote hair growth and healthy strands.

As a proud naturalista, one of the most common questions I’m asked is, “What do you use as a moisturizer?” While I do take advantage of the ordinary grease products you’d find in the “ethnic hair care” aisle at your local supermarket, there are five main things that I use on a consistent basis to maintain my hair, and they’re all natural.

water from faucet

1. Water

It’s the best stuff on Earth, and one of the most important natural elements necessary for fueling our bodies, so why wouldn’t it be useful for our hair? Don’t underestimate the power of H2O by automatically associating it with White girls and the Puerto Rican boricua who always came to school wearing the “wet look” back in the day. Water is essential in healthy growth promotion for Black women too.

Whenever my tresses look a little dry, I make a quick trip to my bathroom sink and splash, splash, splash, splash, splash! (Somebody remind me to purchase a spritzer bottle.) Just like with drinking water, applying it to your dome makes your scalp feel so refreshed! But more importantly, you’re feeding it vital nutrients that it needs to keep that curly top looking absolutely fab!

olive oil

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

In case you haven’t gotten the memo, olive oil works wonders in hair care! (Yes, the kind that you put on your salad.) But the extra virgin stuff is even more supreme because it goes through a heatless pressing process that preserves more of the olives natural antioxidants when the oil is being extracted. (Antioxidants are necessary for preventing cell damage and keeping overall cell health in tack.)

I love this stuff because it makes my hair really shiny and gives it that extra kick in the silk department. When applied on my scalp, EVOO pretty much keeps my hair greased for a few days before I have to apply more. Good stuff!


shea butter

3. Raw Shea Butter

When I first started using shea butter about six years ago, I was completely turned off by the smell. I had been using the white-colored kind and, to me, it stunk of morning breath and an old man’s closet. But I switched over to the yellow-hued form (no real difference except the cooking time) and found that it smelled a lot better. (Some of you who’ve never used shea butter before would probably toot your nose up at the yellow kind too. However, over time, you’ll get used to it and like me, may even start to pick up it’s similar scent to cocoa butter. But even if you never grow to like the strong, earthy smell, you can always add scented oils like lavender, peppermint or lemongrass to tame it.)

Now, years later, I’m absolutely IN LOVE with this stuff! It’s my absolute favorite! Shea butter is sooooo creamy, and it makes my hair feel extremely soft, and smooth! I add shea butter to my strands after I nourish my hair with my olive oil, tea tree, and water to help seal in the moisture. But that’s not all: don’t get me started on the luxury it adds to your skin!

You can cop shea butter at your local African market, or if you’re not from a city like mine that’s filled with a variety of suppliers from the Motherland, you can also pick it up online at shops like CM’s Naturals.

lavender mint display

4.  CM’s Naturals Whipped Hair & Body Butter

I’m proud to say that CM’s Naturals  is allllll me! That’s right, I have my own line of health and beauty products! The first collection from my brand is the Whipped Hair & Body Butters. These all-purpose moisturizers are absolute heaven!

Okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking: “She’s just saying that because it’s her stuff.” But, NOPE! My products have been proven to help with everything from itchy scalp and super dry stands to all over just f$%ked up hair!

But it doesn’t stop there. My whipped hair and body butters help with dry skin, eczema, rough cuticles, razor bumps, brittle beards, and so much more!

I use the lemon mint scent (the most effective for hair and my best seller) almost everyday. Whenever my hair feels dry, my scalp has a mild itch or I need something for daily styling, I pull out this little baby and butter up! It gives my hair a nice sheen, makes it extra soft and manageable, and makes my hair smell sooooooo good! Simply put: it’s absolutely AMAZING!

Whipped Hair and Body Butter (4 oz.)

All-natural whipped hair and body butter for luxurious hair & flawless skin! Great for dry, flaky tresses, eczema, rashes, and rough cuticles and much more! Visit for more options.


Check out these butters and a full list of uses on the site!





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