The Daily Buzz: John Singleton Slows Down Pac Biopic + Suge Knight Battles Death In Cuffs

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John Singleton Taking His Time with Tupac Biopic

For years, we’ve all been anticipating the release of Tupac‘s life-story. So when it was announced last year that we would finally be getting what we’ve been waiting for, and that John Singleton was chosen as the director, I think everyone pretty much felt that Pac was about to get his “poetic justice.” But why is it taking so damn long?

During a recent Q&A in Los Angeles, Singleton said that he was slowing things down so that he could do ish the right way. “I’m a very passionate person who wants to make the movie I want to make,” he stated. “Tupac’s soul would come back and haunt my ass if it wasn’t done right.” (Aaliyah must be visiting the producers who created that wretched Lifetime bulls–t everyday.) The Q&A went down this week in honor of the freshly unveiled Grammy Museum display themed around Pac’s art called, All Eyez on Me: The Writings of Tupac Shakur. The exhibition premiered Monday (Feb. 2).

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Suge Knight Cuffed to a Hospital Bed While Battling Deadly Blood Clot

Speaking of Pac, his back-stabbing ex-boss is currently at a Long Beach, California hospital cuffed to his (possible) death bed and on 24/7 criminal watch. Suge Knight, who’s being accused of killing a former business partner with an intentional hit-and-run (click here if you missed that), suffered a panic attack and physical reaction to a potentially fatal blood clot after he was formally charged with murder Tuesday (Feb. 3). Sources close to Grandpa Thug say the clots developed after he was wet up (that means “shot” for all you old heads) at 10AK during the VMA weekend last summer.

Note to Suge: When you’re pushing 50, those old bones can’t keep up with the “thug life” anymore. It’s time to give it on up Pops. Just give it on up.

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