ATL Barber Offering Parents “Old Man Haircuts” For Bad Kids

It can be hard to find creative ways to discipline your kids when they’ve been acting up, especially little boys. But this ATL barber just may have found the trick. Three days out the week, Russell Frederick, who is the co-owner of A1-Kutz in Snellville, Atlanta, is offering parents the “Benjamin Button Special” (aka “The George Jefferson”) for their bad ass Bebe kids—free of charge.

The cut went viral on social media after Frederick posted a photo on Instagram of the shop’s owner’s son donning the baldy-do captioned, “So u wanna act grown…well now u look grown too.” Most people who’ve been passing it around on the ‘net think it’s a good idea, while some are saying publicly embarrassing a kid with this type of punishment is a little over-the-top.

Whatever the case, this haircut is HILARIOUS! And the look on this little boy’s face is even more so. (Bet he won’t be showing his natural Black a$$ in school no mo’!)

Your thoughts folks? Extreme or effective?


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