Georgia Teen Sentenced to 40 Years for “Hot Oil Attack”



Myzelle Chantel Armstrong, 19, was sentenced to four years in prison and 36 years on probation Wednesday (Feb. 4). The Georgia teen had been convicted of aggravated battery and aggravated assault last Friday (Jan. 30) after attacking four women with hot grease during a fight that broke out in February 2014, reports AJC.

Get this: the fight started on Instagram (rolls eyes) when Armstrong and her friends engaged in a petty high school back-and-forth with another group of girls through pictures and messages on the social networking site. Things escalated until eventually, they all decided to meet at the Cumberland Glenn Apartments in Smyrna, Georgia to brawl. (Something tells me a little dirty ding boy was at the center of this mess.)

When the rival crew rolled up to get busy, they realized that Armstrong’s team was equipped with artillery, including a bat and pots of boiling oil. Before they could escape, Armstrong held open their car door as her co-defendant, Zawadi Clark, threw the scorching grease onto the girls.

The brute ambush left one, Ashley Hardy, with second degree burns and irreparable scars, while a second victim had to undergo skin grafting as a result of the attack.

After Armstrong got hit with that 40 year bid, she offered a tearful apology. “Again, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,” she sobbed.


Man, ol’ man…when you’re young and dumb.


We ALL make our mistakes, but what childish little Instagram squabble could be THAT deep that you’d feel the need to fry somebody with yo momma’s hot fish grease? (We’re talking a premeditated attack to really f#%k somebody up!)

I get the feeling that this young unworldly girl just got caught in the middle of some bull, feeling like she had to assist her greasing-throwing “friend” in this attack in order to stay “down.” So let this be a lesson for all young kids, boy or girl, who make poor decisions without thinking things through. In just an instant, a bad choice could change your life forever.

Let go of the petty fights and back-and-forth bickering on social networks, and learn to just let certain things slide. Instead of immediately resorting to violence, let’s start to use our brains as a means of conflict-resolution. And never, EVER, feel like you have to participate in something you don’t feel comfortable doing just for the sake of looking “cool” for your friends.

We have to do better. Smh.

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