Tampa Woman Gives Birth to 14 Pound Baby, Naturally

tampa woman with 14 pound baby

You read that right. Maxxzandra Ford’s 14.1 pound baby, Avery Denton, set a record for the biggest newborn at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida, and is one of the heaviest ever born in the state. (I know I’m not the only one holding on to my pum pum right now. Ouch!)

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Ford, 26, didn’t realize that she was preggers until she started rapidly gaining weight and busting out of her work clothes. Being a twin herself, she thought the fast weight gain signified that she was pregnant with two babies. But when she went to the doctor, Ford discovered that she was at 35 weeks, damn near due with just one. (How thee hell…?)

After 18 hours of labor, it took Ford approximately 20 minutes to naturally deliver her chunky baby boy. A natural birth wouldn’t have been recommended if it weren’t for an ultrasound that wrongly recorded Avery at a little over 10 pounds.

Ford said she realized that weight was all-the-way wrong when she began to push out. “I was cussing up a storm,” she joked. (Who could blame her?)

Allen Denton, Avery’s father, said he was both “shocked” that Ford was pregnant, and that the baby came out so big. But he joked, “I got a linebacker now instead of a fullback.”

Damn skippy.

Besides Avery, Ford and Denton share two other children together; a one-year-old son, Alexander, and a five-year old daughter, Jackxine.

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