Pure Foolery: 6 Girls Start GoFundMe To Raise Money for All-Star Weekend Trip?



The NBA All-Star Weekend is right around the corner in NYC, and as we all know, with droves of ballers comes flocks of groupies.

This year will be no different, as the thirst buckets anxious young ladies are preparing for their potential come-ups already. ‘Tis the case with a woman whose Instagram tag boasts the name “Chrissybadass.” But with the way homegirl was bumming for a place to lay her tracks over the All-Star weekend, it should be more like “Chrissy Brokeass.”

Earlier this week, a young man put Chrissy and her crew on blast when he exposed an Instagram DM that Miss C.B. sent him begging to crash at his place during her team’s trip to New York.

chrissybadass dm



Not too long afterwards, a flick started circulating on Twitter and IG of a GoFundMe page that Chrissy allegedly started to fund her crew’s weekend getaway to the city.

all star trip



Fifteen hundred dollars? Aww, how modest.

But hol’ up, hol’ up, wait! Before we completely jump the gun, get this: A woman claiming to be one of the girls’ mother hopped in the comments section of the publication that originally posted this ratchedness, declaring that the GoFundMe page was false, and the dude who exposed Chrissy’s desperation was nothing more than a bitter ex of one of her friends.

gofundme mom


 Somebody’s mad.

Well, I did a little digging myself, and I wasn’t able to spot this thotty GoFundMe supposedly started by Chrissy. So either the page really was a hoax, or Chrissy Brokeass caught wind that her and her parched crew were being dragged all over the ‘net and slam-dunked that “delete.”

Either way, here are a few words of advice that may help these young ladies on their journey to the Big City: Trip Advisor, Groupon, Living Social.

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