Fashion Killa of the Week: James A. Robinson

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Ethnic background: African American, Columbian & Cuban
Hometown: Rahway, NJ
Age: 29
Fashion-related occupation: Stylist/Fashion Enthusiast
Blogs: (under construction) & (coming soon)
Instagram: Mrsaturday_
Weapon of choice: “I am the weapon”
Go-to accessory: Hair
“When I step out the door, all eyes on my shoes.”
Saturday on FLEEK!”

When it comes to color coordination, he’s a master; well-tailored suits, he’s a king. And mixing and matching jazzy patterns? Forget about it! With fashion chops like these, it’s no wonder James adopted the nickname “Mr. Saturday,” because everyday he’s dressed like he’s rooftop partying on the weekend. (Swag.) Now get out your pens and pads youngin’s, it’s time to take notes.

Miss CM: How would you describe your style?

James: The best way to describe it is that, ‘I can’t describe it.’

You have a very unique sense of fashion. Who or what inspires your style of dress?

My style inspiration is usually based on the day and the feeling; my outfit coincides with my perception of the day. So if I feel like James Bond, I dress like James Bond. If I feel like a rapper, I dress like one of the rappers.

People tend to make statements with fashion, so what are you trying to say? What is your mission?

My mission is to inspire people to live and dress like everyday is Saturday.

Why do you love fashion?

I love fashion because it allows people to visually interpret how they feel when they go out.

You seem to be ‘dressed up’ most of the time, so that has to cause a lot of attention. How often do people stop you on the streets to compliment your style?

Very often. No matter where I go, someone happens to stop and compliment something [relating] to my attire. It’s honestly almost 90% of the time [laughs].

Is there a celebrity whose style you admire?

I would most definitely say Kanye West, Lord Disick, and Lenny Kravitz.  [I admire their style because] it’s very versatile and easy to go to most events with. It seems like they are playing in a theme for each outfit.

Who is your favorite fashion designer?

Can’t say I have one in particular.

Well, when you have style like his, who needs to follow designers anyway? (Shrugs.) Tap the tabs below for a look at some of James’ most fashionable moments.

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