Know Your Babysitter: 11-Year-Old Charged in Beating Death of 2-Month-Old Baby

zuri whitehead

An 11-year-old Ohio girl is being charged with murder after allegedly beating a two-month-old Zuri Whitehead to death last week, reports New York Daily News.

Zuri’s mother, Trina Whitehead, 31, told the Associated Press that she’d met the girl’s mother while working in a medical clinic in 2008, and they considered each other best friends.

Trina went on to say that she’d never noticed any odd behavior from the 11-year-old, whose name remains undisclosed, and that two of her other daughters, ages 7 and 8, had previously stayed at the girl’s suburban Cleveland home in Wickliffe without any problems.

“I definitely trusted her,” Trina said of the young girl. “I never thought my baby would be put in some type of harm.”

Trina said that her best friend called her last Thursday night saying that she and her daughter wanted to keep Zuri to give Trina a break. Trina said she was skeptical at first, but gave in once they insisted.

At around 3:30 a.m. Friday morning, Trina’s best friend fell asleep on the couch. Within the next hour, her daughter allegedly carried Zuri upstairs where she beat her, then brought her back downstairs and woke up her mother. About six hours later, Zuri died in a nearby hospital during surgery.

Trina said her friend has since called to apologize. “She can’t believe what’s going on,” Trina stated.

The preteen was charged with murder on Monday (Feb. 9), but police officials claim the 11-year-old suspect has shown no remorse for the alleged murder. Baby Zuri’s funeral is scheduled to take place this Saturday.

I feel for both families, but this story does not sound right. The accused young lady is clearly facing some mental issues, so how does a mother not notice the signs after 11 years? And no disrespect to Zuri’s mother, but isn’t two months too young for a baby to be with anyone besides the parents/grandparents, let alone someone who is not an immediate relative?

Still, let’s pray for these two mothers as they have both lost a child as a result of this tragedy.


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