Would You Date a Bi-Sexual?

dating a bi-sexual

It’s 2015, so people are trying all sorts of crazy relationship tricks and tidbits once perceived as “White people sh*t.” Girls are kissing girls, straight dudes are playing in booty holes, and grown celebrity men are dating teen tots under the guise of “we’re just friends.” (Tisk, tisk: Tyga and Kylie Jenner.) So it kinda leaves you wondering, “What won’t people do nowadays when it comes to relationships?”

How about courting a cutie that goes both ways? Here’s why I ask:

I was watching an old episode of MTV’s True Life that focused on individuals who were bi-sexuals living a double life and hiding their homosexuality from people close to them. Well, one dude ended up telling his girlfriend, who was a bunch of months pregnant at the time (sorry, can’t remember the exact number), that he also liked dudes and had been working as a male dominatrix for men. After she spazzed out and left his lil’ triflin’ ass, he ended up with some chick who was cool with him taking back shots in the back slot on the side.

First thing that came to my mind was, GEEEEEET THE F—K! Like, how does she kiss him and NOT think ‘booty breath’?

Now I know some guys—hell, who am I kidding? MOST of y’all lil’ nasty things—would be down for a bi chick. Because in dudes’ minds, that can easily lead up to a smooth “two goods on this one wood” type situation. But for those of you out there who aren’t thrilled at the idea of your girl carpet-munching from time-to-time, a bi-sexual babe may be no bueno.

For us females, this is an ENTIRELY different conversation! No sane chick that I know would want to be with a man who won’t hesitate to take pipe then turn around and lay pipe on another brother. I know I personally couldn’t see myself touching, feeling, and/or kissing on someone who I’d have to worry about checking out those grey sweats just as hard as I do. That’s why when I saw honey all giggly and cool, skipping down the street with her bi-sexual dude on True Life, I was sitting at home looking like:


katt williams confused

But every person is different. (Shrugs.) I just want to know how many of y’all out there would be down with your mate swinging and dinging with you, but people of the same sex too. So, my brothas and sistas, would any of you ever date someone who’s bi-sexual?

And please, be honest.



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