Woman Beats Man for Offensive Facebook Post

Okay, so according to the video’s YouTube description, this Brazilian woman is slapping this poor man silly for an “offensive Facebook post.” Now, I don’t speak Portuguese, so it’s hard to tell what’s really going on. But from the way homegirl is Solange-ing this dude, one thing’s for sure: she’s mad as sh*t!

It’s not clear whether these two are a couple and she’s getting vengeance on a cheating dog, or this is some random guy who disrespected Miss Happy Hands on the Book. (Somebody please translate!)  But whatever the case, is there any justification for this woman to be pounding her fists in his face? And did he handle this the right way? Or would this man have been justified in knocking her silly ass right back to first grade to relearn that little lesson about “keep[ing] your hands to yourself”?


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