The Daily Buzz: Kanye West Apologizes to Bruno Mars & Beck + Chris Brown Goes Off on Super Fan

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One of the biggest moments at this year’s Grammy Awards was when Kanye West hopped on stage to fake-crash rock artist Beck‘s acceptance speech for Album of the Year solely because he won over Beyoncé. (Click here if you missed that.) Although Yeezy didn’t fully interrupt, his little joke-that-wasn’t-really-a-joke caused a big splash at both the award show and on social media.

But when he conducted a rant-raving interview with E! later that night saying Beck “needs to respect artistry” and he should give his award to Bey, that was Ye’s real assholism was set free. The always-whinning rapper later expressed remorse during an interview with the Breakfast Club (admitting that he hadn’t even heard Beck’s album before his shenanigans), but last night (Feb. 26), he took his public apology to Twitter.

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While Yeezy was in “I’m-sorry-for-being-a-d*ck-head-now-I-wanna-kiss-ass” mode, he decided to throw Bruno Mars in the mix too, after he bashed the singer a couple years ago for being a “pretty motherf—ker” who networks use to “gas everybody up so they can sell some product.”


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Hmm. Now it looks like Ye is the one using the “pretty motherf—kers” to sell some albums.

Source: Rhymes with Snitch

Chris Browns Slams Fan for Commenting on His Relationship Drama

Chris Brown is known to be pretty public with his messy relationship drama when it comes to both Karrueche Tran and Rihanna (he’s definitely not afraid to post some foul ish when he’s pissed about one or the other on Instagram or Twitter). But that doesn’t mean little crybaby C.B. wants fans butting in his business and giving him constructive dating advice they he should probably think about taking heed to, especially when it comes from innocent little girls who love him “more than life itself.”


chris b fanFrom her Instagram name alone, it’s clear that this young lady is a super-fan who really intended no harm by her comment. But what does Breezy do anyway? Exactly what he does best: lash the f—k out!

chris responds

Yeah. But how much do those “d–kheads” matter when they’re buying your albums?

Sadly, the fact that he, once again, has verbally assaulted a female and basically said “f—ck you” to all of his fans won’t stop these silly little girls from falling in love and screaming his name in concert. The worse part is that @chrianna_x has since dedicated all her Instagram posts to apologizing to Chris and kissing his childish ass.

SMH…couldn’t be me Lord, couldn’t be me.

Source: Vlad TV

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