The Daily Buzz: Wiz Khalifa Blasts Amber Rose on New Track + Amber Rose May Be Exposing Kanye West’s Dirty Secrets in New Novel

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Things have been getting pretty ugly between Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose ever since their public split late last year. So it was only a matter of time before Wiz aired his frustrations on a hot 16. And from the sounds of Juicy J‘s brand new track “For Everybody,” it looks like the Taylor Gang chief has finally made that step.

During his verse, Wiz raps:

I feel in love with a stripper/ Funny thing is I fell out of love quicker
/They don’t pay attention to love anyway
/They only concerned with what the haters say
/Bottles be turnin’ these girls into thots
/Instagram turnin’ these wives into hoes
/Not in real life they just readin’ the comments
/Mess with a real one and get you exposed/
I had a time when my mind was caught up
/My n—-s was lookin’ like what is he on
/My family was to scared to talk to a n—a
/Ain’t comin back now the case just got closed
/She do what she told/
Sharin’ is carin’ that pussy ain’t gold/
Sorry you ain’t in control/
You all about that money, that’s shit that I throw
/Just make sure you clean off that pole/They turn on the TV and get on the ‘Gram and say that’s relationship goals/Trust me don’t save ’em/Anything goes with these hoes

And if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that the cover art used for the single is a picture of Juicy J and Mr. “Black and Yellow” at him and Mrs. Khalifa’s wedding ceremony. (Ummmm umph! Is Wiz mad or nah?) Guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Amber responds to this one…

Source: Rhymes with Snitch

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Amber Rose About to Expose Kanye in New Book?

Speaking of Amber Rose

By now, you all have probably heard about the scandalous drama between her, Kanye West and the Kardashian clan. (Click here if you missed it.) Well now, it seems as though Muava may be getting ready to carry out revenge by outing a few of Kanye’s nasty, freaky little secrets regarding their past sex life in her new novel How to Be a Bad Bitch!

Hollywood Life reports:

“Kanye and Amber were close. They shared many secrets and did a lot of freaky stuff together. But Kanye is a genius — he’s trying to force Amber to let him have a copy of her new book, or tell him exactly what’s said about him before it’s published.”

(I don’t even drink hard liquor, but: sips Henny.) Hold on, it gets better:

“Kanye told her flat out that if it wasn’t for him putting her on to the fame game, she wouldn’t be anything. He told her that he’s proud of her and her accomplishments, but that she should never bite the hand that fed her for all those years they were together. He thinks she owes him a little respect and wants an advanced copy of that book or manuscript. He’s trying to play nice with her, but who knows for how long.”

Umm. Now I bet Ye wishes he would’ve taken “30 showers” and washed out that nasty mouth before he opened it to play his ex beau for the whole world to see.

Source: Hollywood Life

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