White & Gold or Black & Blue? #thedress That Had the Internet Going Nuts Soars in Sales


I know I’m not the only one who was confused as hell over the dumb little debate regarding the color of this regular-looking dress last week. But how did it all start, you ask? Well, according to Buzzfeed, the debate erupted on Tumblr when user Swiked uploaded a photo of the gown asking the public if they saw black and blue or white and gold because her and her friends were seeing two different things.

Subsequently, social media outlets exploded with arguments about the true colors of #thedress, and some folks were even on the brink of pulling out Vaseline and lacing up construction boots over this silly little thing. But if you were like me:


Whatever the case, the creators of this frenzy-stirring gown, Roman Orginals, are doing the “we-got-those-suckers” dance as sales for their company have increased by 347%, reports Fortune. (No need to shake your phone, you read that right.) The bi-polar ass dress itself sales for $77.13. And guess what? There are several variations available, but nope—no white and gold in sight. #GotThatAss

Ahhh, the power of social media memes and a gimmick.

Will you be buying?


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