Are Light-Skinned Girls Really That Stuck Up?

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Every time I turn around, I hear guys saying: “Light-skinned girls think they’re cute!”; “Light-skinned girls never text back”; “Light-skinned girls this, and light-skinned girls that.” So being on the brighter end of the Black race’s color spectrum, I’m starting to ask myself, Are melanin-lacking females really that bad?

Here’s another reason why I ask:

A few months ago, a random dude requested me as a friend on Facebook. Now, I usually reject unknowns when it comes to adding folks on my personal FB account because, well…the shit is personal. But homeboy was super-cute and we had a lot of friends in common, so I said: “Fuck it.”

We got to talking and he started flooding my inbox with flirty messages and smiley faces with heart eyes, but I was immediately turned off by his deficiency in spelling skills and basic subject-verb agreement. Still, he seemed cool, so I did the unusual and played nice as I entertained his poor grammar and bad-sentence-structure-having-ass. (Although I would drop little clues on him here-and-there by reiterating his words, but spelled and used the right way. Yet, he continued to refer to me as “beatufiul” and “goregious,” so I guess ole boy just didn’t get the hint.)

Anyway, after a few weeks of the painful back-and-forth, he hit me with the sha-bam-wham and asked me for my number. Well really, he gave me his number and told me to text him so we could talk more off Facebook. (Which was just a slick way of trying to get my math.) Whatever the case, I wasn’t really feeling that idea because I enjoyed the convenience of ignoring his messages whenever I saw that he hit me up, and I didn’t fee like talking. But I knew if he got those digits, it was doobie pins and hair spray. (That means it was a wrap people, it was a wrap.)

So what did I do? I looked at the message and simply didn’t respond. But the funny thing about FB messenger is that people can see exactly when you’ve read their texts. (Uh oh!) He peeped that I’d peeped his little demand and he flipped. All I remember is, “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, you don’t ever have to worry about me hitting you up ever again!” (Laawwwwwd, that ripped my poor little heart right out my chest! :/) Next thing I know, he’s uploading a status about how he’s not talking to anymore “lite skin” females for the New Year because “they all stuck da fucc up and think they da shit.” (Okay Mr. Third-Grade Speller.)

Of course, I knew I was probably the main source of inspiration behind his boyish little rant because he had JUST hoped out my inbox with his mini tirade. (Although I’m sure I’m not the only one who influenced his raving Kanye moment; ’cause trust me boo, I know these dudes be in EVERYBODIES inbox.) Anywho, besides my initial thought of: I spent weeks being cordial with his little remedial ass, but now that I don’t want to give him my number, I gotta be stuck up?, I just had to laugh—this light skin, dark skin shit will never get old.

Why does everyone seem to think that sunny-hued females are really that into themselves?

In some cases, yes, those wavy light-skins might let that complexion nonsense get to their heads. But if you ask me, I think the hard-time curvers and swervers are just attractive girls in general; the ones who have a million men texting, calling, following, and all up in their inboxes and DMs. Whether they’re damn-near White, caramel, pecan brown, or as Black as the bottom of Peter Gunz’ crusty feet, females who’re used to getting a lot of attention are more likely to curveball a cornball or two.

But if you’re talking about a chick like me, it has a lot more to do with whether or not you come off like a low-life, a sucka, an ig’nant mofo, or someone who’s just simply not my type. (Can a girl not be interested without men thinking she’s all into herself? Damn!)

However, since I know this silly belief about lighter-complexioned women is a pervasive one, what are your thoughts readers? Are light-skinned females really that stuck-up?

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3 Comments on Are Light-Skinned Girls Really That Stuck Up?

  1. larf eyeroll // November 30, 2018 at 8:30 pm // Reply

    ……..they still niggers, just weak.

  2. Yes…because of the world we live in where they are put on a pedestal…their head is big..and less humble

  3. light skinned girls are hella stuck up and hard to talk to and im light skinned myself..

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