Remember This?: Rap Snacks

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Growing up in the ’90s and early ’00s, I would always hit up the local corner store on my way to school and grab a bag of “The Official Snack of Hip Hop.” (Their words, no mine.) My favorite flavor? I used to love the Honey BBQ kind that had Lil’ Romeo’s lil’ cute ass on the bag. (Sorry, I just flashed back to the days when I was crushing on Mr. ICDC, long before his music career was reduced to corny-rapping in college commercials.)

Rap Snacks had everybody from Master P to Murphy Lee and ODB posted up on a bag; some of the more recent versions even had fresh stars like Meek Mill. And what made these childhood cultural jewels even more unique was that they always came equipped with positive messages attached to them like “Stay in school” or “Think responsibly.” Plus, the company was launched by a Black man, Mr. James “Fly”Lindsay. (Ahhh! How refreshing?)

Not sure if Rap Snacks are still in production—some sources say they’ve been shut down while others (like they’re Wikipedia page) imply that they’re still in business—but whatever the case, these things were damn good and will always be a part of my childhood memory.

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