The Daily Buzz: eBay Users Bid $65K on Air from Kanye Concert + Kendrick Lamar Announces Album Title and Release Date

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eBay User Sells Air from Kanye West Concert

Just when you thought these psycho fans couldn’t get anymore ridiculous…

A Pennsylvania eBay user recently decided to sell some hot ass air from one of Kanye West‘s Yeezus tour stops. The alleged Yeezy concert air was packaged in a plastic Ziploc bag marked “Air From Kanye Show,” while the seller’s description read: “Held bag open and sealed air in.” (Fancy. Even though that bag looks a liiiiittle too full from just catching some air out the sky; aka something tells me this little con artist blew some stank-a-dank morning breath right into that baggie and zipped it right on up.)

Well, this crazy little token first hit the market last Sunday (March 1) with a starting price of $5. But sorta like Kanye’s ego, that number just grew, and grew, and grew until is reached $65,000. (Mr. “Me Me Me” and Kim Kardashian know they were bidding on that damn air bag.) The whacky item has since been removed from eBay, but you best believe that the notion has sparked all kinds of copy cats selling more made-up celeb ish; one dude is even trying to sell “Kanye’s fart.”(Bruh!)

Hell, I’m about to run to the beauty supply store and buy some Beyoncé weave to sell right now. If anybody asks, she wore it at giving birth to Blue Ivy.

Source: Daily Mail

Kendrick Lamar Unveils Album Title + Release Date

All you hip hop heads who’ve been doing the fiend shake, waiting for another hit of that K. Dot, here’s your fix: Kendrick Lamar is soon dropping his new album. On Friday (March 6) the TDE rapper tweeted an iTunes link that directs fans to his fresh LP, entitled Untitled, hitting shelves March 23. The info was later confirmed via Twitter by TDE President Punch.

Last month, Kendrick got on his real gritty grim mode with the release of the project’s first single, “The Blacker the Berry.” If the rest of the album sounds anything like that, all I gotta say is: sheesh!

Source: XXL

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