‘Morning Joe’ Hosts Blame Rappers for Racist SAE Video

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After disturbing video of SAE members from the University of Oklahoma singing a racist chant recently surfaced online, everything around them crumbled and I thought there was absolutely no way anyone could publicly defend these little bigots. But undercover White supremacist-lovers always find a way to prove a “nigger” wrong. As made evident with Nazi-at-heart Morning Joe hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough.

According to Think Progress, while discussing the video during a segment of their show yesterday morning (March 11), Mika made mention of rapper Waka Flocka Flame‘s decision to cancel a show he was scheduled to perform at the University in connection with the frat, saying:

“If you look at every single song, I guess you call these, that [Waka Flocka’s] written, it’s a bunch of garbage,” she said. “It’s full of n-words, it’s full of f-words. It’s wrong. And he shouldn’t be disgusted with them, he should be disgusted with himself.”


Guest Bill Kristol agreed, “Popular culture becomes a cesspool, a lot corporations profit off of it, and then people are surprised that some drunk 19-year-old kids repeat what they’ve been hearing.”


Scarborough then added his two cents: “The kids that are buying hip hop or gangster rap, it’s a White audience, and they hear this over and over again. So do they hear this at home? Well, chances are good, no, they heard a lot of this from guys like this who are now acting shocked.” (Riiiiight! Like Black rappers singing about hanging other Black men from trees is an everyday thing. Rolls eyes.)

Now, I’m no numbers expert, but let’s do some simple math: It’s 2015; Hip Hop became an official genre in 1978; SAE was founded in 1856. And since it’s safe to say that the Black-bashing chant seen in that now-viral video is a tradition adopted from an era when White supremacists found enjoyment in legally hanging Black bodies from trees, I’m preeettttyyy sure that 37 years of hip hop music has nothing to do with 159 years of SAE’s racist pledging history. But don’t mind lil’ ol’ me.

The hosts’ blasphemous remarks immediately inspired the hilarious hashtag #rapalbumsthatcausedslavery on Twitter, and Wacka later responded to the shameless victim-blaming discussion on MSNBC, stating: “This isn’t about rap. This is about what happened on that bus. This isn’t about my rap music. I feel like they’re running away from what we’re talking about.”

Feeling the heat of the backlash, Brzezinski pulled a major backtracking stunt during today’s episode of Morning Joe:

We’re all trying our best here to figure out our way through this and yesterday the conversation got real and I think some people conflated it with other things, but there’s no moral equivalency between something like rap lyrics and what happened on that bus. Those kids made that decision, they made that choice and it was disgraceful, disgusting and chilling what they were saying. That separate conversation is only related in these stories because there was someone who was going to perform — who performed on that campus who cancelled, and is not going back to that campus, because he’s disgusted by what he saw happened. And he happens to be someone who has lyrics that are questionable, and that is a separate conversation. There’s no moral equivalency, but there’s a news connection.

Wait, does she realize that her show is recorded and broadcasted for the world to see? Girl bye!


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