Audio Leaks of Ray J Admitting to Using Whitney Houston for Fame

ray n whitney

When Ray J and Whitney Houston‘s “romance” became a public “love” affair, many people believed that Ray was just using the pop icon for her status, particularly to exploit the possibilities of a fresh, hot reality show.

Well, a recently leaked audio interview just confirmed all that to be true…

During the undated chat session with relationship expert and co-author of his 2012 novel, Death of a Cheating Man, Brandy‘s little cornball brother proved that he’s just as lowly as we already thought he was. As a true scumbag would, he bragged about bouncing back and forth between Kim Kardashian and Whitney Houston, being able to free Whitney from drugs, but refusing to, and—the icing on the cake: playing with the legendary singer’s mind just to further his career. (Like he ever really had one.)


My guess is that the interview was recorded before Whitney’s death, but that doesn’t make this little Ninja Turtle’s revelation any more respectable. Check out the interview below.

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