Moral of the Day: The Parking Ticket Story

parking violation

In my neighborhood, we have street cleaning every Monday and Tuesday. Mondays are assigned to one side of the street, Tuesdays, the other. But since we’d been having frequent snow storms the past few weeks, street cleaning had been put on hold. This means that everyone on my block, myself included, had gotten used to the idea of not having to play musical chairs for parking spots.

All that changed last week when the miserable snow finally melted away and we were back to the old routine. But guess who had forgotten all about street cleaning last Tuesday and parked their silly ass on the wrong side of the ave.?

me meme

So y’all know what happened, right? Yep! A ticket. For $49. My face when I saw it:

crying face

To say I was pissed would be an understatement. What made me even more angry was the fact that I’d studied the street cleaning time patterns and knew that the trucks passed through at approximately 12:30 p.m. every cleaning day. So although we’re prohibited from parking on the cleaning side from 12 p.m.-4 p.m., there’ve been numerous times when I’ve plopped my ride on the wrong side of the street after the truck passed by and never got a ticket for it. But now that I’m broke (and when I say broke, dammit, I mean BROKE!) some petty ass cop wants to cruise by handing out parking violations.

I was mad as hell that whole day. When I rode out that evening to run a few errands, everywhere I went, I had an attitude.

Somebody said “hi.”

kanye mad face

Somebody complimented my style.

katt williams mad face

And for all the jolly people happy as hell that day for no reason trying to spark a random conversation about the weather:

samuel l jackson mean face

Boooy, was I ready to go Whiteboy crazy and pull a 1-8-7 on the motha-f#%kin’ cops! (Snoop Dogg voice.) And if you wanna know the truth about it, I’m still steaming.

Moral of the day: don’t get caught slippin’ thinking that you got The Man beat, when it’s time to clean up the roads, park that hooptie on the right side of the street.

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