Fashion Killa of the Week: Marcellas Hill


Ethnic background: 
African American
Upper Malboro, MD
Fashion-related occupation: Model
Twitter/IG: @illmisterhill; @illmisterhill
Weapons of choice: Cross-body Alexander Wang bookbag; Yohji Yamamoto x Adidas sneakers; K. T. Z. creeper/gladiator boots
Go-to accessory: A bag
“My look is not complete without my Nixon watch.”
“People always stop and stare whenever I wear anything.

If you take a little Kanye mixed with a pinch of MJ, topped with a bit of spiffy meets street: you get the unique style profile of Maryland’s Marcellas “Ill Mister” Hill. He packs talent in damn-near anything involving creativity, but when it boils down to fashion, sheesh! And this masterful minimalist is doing it all while keeping ish simple, yet sweet.

CM: From the looks of your Instagram account, you seem to really have a deep love for fashion. Where does this passion come from?  

I think my love for fashion derived from my true passion, which is creative directing/entertainment. As a kid, I have always been fascinated with the entertainment industry. Of course, my biggest influence was Michael Jackson, who exuded everything that I wanted to be. Most musically-inclined artists reference MJ as a performer, however, I don’t sing. Regardless, MJ was, and still is, my inspiration, ipso facto; his life was the quintessence of what true artistry is. MJ served as a beacon for everything that I wanted to create in this world. There is so much complexity to his artistry; however, what brought it all together was fashion.

There are so many things that come to mind whenever you reference his name. However, a lot of things that come to mind are based off of his sartorial impact. I don’t know about you, but immediately, I think about the famous red leather jacket from “Thriller,” or the all-white suit from “Smooth Criminal,” and the list could go on… fashion connects people to who you are, especially if you are an artist.

Besides MJ, who or what inspires your style?

Rihanna inspires my style, though she is a female. However, she is one of my inspirations. She presents so much versatility within her looks, however she is able to execute everything with grace and perfection. Her looks tap into every inch of the fashion industry and a lot of people can’t do that without looking all-over-the-place. Her style is effortless, so I am always taking notes.

Not to sound narcissistic, but I do often inspire myself. There are times when I look through my Instagram feed, or my camera roll, and just critique past looks. I try to figure out what could be better and what could be subtracted. There is always room for improvement, and always room for more minimalism.

Of course, I immerse myself into the chaotic frenzy that is referred to as “Fashion Week.” I really try to pull inspiration from the upcoming season into my current looks. Those are solid references of inspiration, but as an artist, everything inspires me. Everyday I find better ways to make a sartorial impact by just being true to myself and how I feel.

I see a Kanye-ish influence in your steez. Does he have an impact on the way you view fashion?

Definitely. He dresses extremely well and extremely minimal. I think he has a very strong voice when it comes to fashion, and I am always rushing to read his interviews/rants about fashion and the industry. For males, his voice is important and right now he is one of the few prolific individuals at the forefront of influencing fashion. The biggest influence that he has on my style is just being true to myself. I know we will go shopping together one day.

Tell me a little more about your career as a model.

I use to professionally act and do print modeling when I was younger, and was represented by Linda Townsend Management…a couple of print ads, a few commercials—nothing too exciting. I had a few callbacks for Everybody Hates Chris. In high school, I realized acting wasn’t my passion and began focusing more on modeling and production. I would say I’ve been in about 50 shows locally (DMV).

At 15, I began my first production and have gone on to produce 15 shows since then. Subsequently, I started my production company, Marcellas Hill Productions LLC. The first production under my company premiered last August and since then I have done a few projects with BET Networks. I directed a show for them as well in NY in September during Fashion Week. I just recently started getting back into modeling, ipso facto, I’ve been so busy with my company that I had to take a break.

What are your goals a professional model?

I want to be the first male supermodel who isn’t a model [laughs]… modeling is one of my biggest passions but not my only passion. I know that I will be balancing being a model while working as a creative director. To put things in to perspective, think about Rihanna. Rihanna is obviously a singer, but [she’s also] a phenomenal model—that’s how I want to be.

What have been some of your biggest accomplishments thus far?

Is having 500k views on YouTube an accomplishment? I don’t know if that counts [laughs]. I put on my own show and it was sold out. It was an entertainment showcase. All forms of artistry were touched on, from acting, to dance, to runway. The foundation of the show was a fashion show. (I have footage of it online.) That was big for me…but I guess my biggest accomplishment would be working with BET Networks.

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to anyone when it comes to putting together a killer outfit?

Don’t overthink it, that is very important. I am very meticulous about everything so when I am putting together a look I get overwhelmed because there is so much I want to do and so much to choose from. However, I try to compose myself and focus on being minimal, those are my strongest looks.

True, indeed! Click the next pages to check out just how brilliant Marcellas’ simple, but killer, looks are.

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