Petty Sh!t You Do When You’re Broke

Loose Change

Make Sure You Get ALL of Your Change Back During a Transaction, Every Single Penny!

If a homeless man asks you for 50 cents, he better come up off those two quarters the last lady put in his cup to change your dollar. If you’re at the corner store with a 10 dollar bill and your total comes to $9.99, Papi better not close that drawer without giving you your penny back, or you’re looking like:

katt williams wtf face

I waited a whole ten minutes for 14 cents at the supermarket the other day because the cashier ran out of coins and had to call her frontend runner to get her some more. Everybody was looking at me like I was crazy for waiting for that little bit of ching-a-ling. But last time I checked, you could cop a gallon of gas for two dollars and five cents—aka: change matters.

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  1. Hilarious lmao.. Cool ass Read. Keep it up!

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