Petty Sh!t You Do When You’re Broke

black chauffeur

Have Your Fam & Friends Chauffeur You Around But Don’t Offer Gas Money

Whether you have your own wheels or not, you got your moms driving you to work, your cousins riding you to the mall to window shop, and your best friend just drove all the way across town to pick your black butt up for that big party tonight. (What’s your excuse for the Driving Miss Daisy treatment when you’ve got your own ride? You just don’t feel like running out your own gas driving, or you’re suddenly in need of new brakes and tires.) But when it’s time to pull up to that gas pump, you’re looking everywhere but at the driver and your wallet, cause you know they’re expecting a contribution, and you just ain’t got it.

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  1. Hilarious lmao.. Cool ass Read. Keep it up!

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