Fashion Killa of the Week: LaShoundra Young



Ethnic background: African American
Mobile, AL
Fashion-related occupation:
Facebook/Twitter/IG: LaShoundra Holmes Young; @youngatstyle@youngatstyle
Weapon of choice:
“My hair!”
Go-to accessory: Simple gold chain
“Super heroes have sidekicks, but all I need is my distressed denim to save the day.”
“Somebody call the cops, it should be a crime the way my hair is bumped makes jaws drop and traffic stop.”

LaShoundra may keep things simple and sweet, but boy, is she a problem! Not only does she decorate the streets with her brilliant colors and killer hairdo’s, but this bomb blogger serves up lessons in style for women all over through her Younga Style platform. But now it’s time for a different lesson. This time around, it’s not just about the threads, but the woman behind the poppin’ shades and colorful getups as well.

CM: I would say that your style is very chic and polished, with a twist of sass. How would you personally describe your style?

LaShoundra: I would personally describe my style as a minimalist! I believe less is ALWAYS more. It doesn’t take a lot to make a statement.

Who or what inspires your style? 

Various bloggers inspire me. And, of course, models in magazines. I can see an outfit and I immediately begin to think how I can make it ME!

Why do you love fashion?

It allows the freedom to be creative within your wardrobe.

I must say that your styling sense is pretty sharp and you have a good eye for mixing and matching bold prints and colors effortlessly. Where does your knack for styling come from? 

Ya know, I really can’t pinpoint where it comes from, but I can say since a young girl I’ve admired models and their effortlessness wearing certain outfits.

You slay all year ’round, but I really love your fall/winter looks. Which season is your favorite to dress-up in?  

My fav season is spring! Spring is my favorite because it allows me to incorporate bold colors & prints into my wardrobe. It’s a fun time to mix prints, florals and textures!

How long have you been a fashion blogger?

I’ve been blogging for one and a half years.

What encouraged you to start blogging about fashion?

My friends encouraged me to blog, as I would post [pictures] of my Sunday outfits, and it expanded from there!

You absolutely SERVE in your flicks on IG! Your level of fierce is ALLLL the way on high! So I have to ask if you dabble in modeling?

Well, I’m not a model, but I’ve been featured in several magazines such as: People Style Watch, Essence (June 2014), Beautifully Said, and local [magazines].

Nice! Well, although you don’t model, what is your main goal as a fashion professional? 

To go beyond the camera and speak to young women across the country about being comfortable with THEIR style!

I’m sure a woman with style as clean as yours has to be getting some pointers from somewhere. So, who is your favorite fashion designer?

Ya know… I’m not really into fashion designers, whether it’s Vera Wang or Forever 21, if it’s cute, I will wear it! [Laughs.]

What’s the biggest piece of advice you’d give to anyone when it comes to putting together a killer outfit? 

When trying to put together that killer outfit I believe it’s BEST to stick with LESS!

And Mrs. Young serves “less” up best. Take a look for yourself.

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