Karrine Steffans Says She’ll Never Stop Seeing Lil Wayne

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None of us are sure of the true nature of the relationship between Lil Wayne and Karrine “Superhead” Steffans, but we can all speculate that there’s been a lot of “jumping” and getting “off” involved. Wayne has often rapped about the former video vixen in his music, even when he thought we didn’t know who the (bleep!) he was talking about (hint, hint: “One Night Only”). And there are been several occasions where Karrine has professed her undying love for the rap star on social media. (According to Mighty Mouth, he’s the love of her life.)

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Well, she’s at it again…

This time around, during an interview with VladTV, the controversial tell-aller said she’ll always be Weezy’s nasty little sex slave, no matter who she’s with, or who’s temporarily in Mr. Switchy-Richie’s love seat. (Well, she didn’t exactly word it like that, but you get my drift.) Wayne’s string-a-long-fling-a-long even went as far as revealing that she’s jumped out of bed with her ex-husband (Darius McCrary) at four in the morning to be with the rap star–and her husband knew who she was going to see! (Oh, the disrespect!)

She basically announced that anyone she’s with would have to understand that she’ll never cut the lil gremlin  Lil Tunechi loose (and I’m assuming that anyone of Wayne’s future fiancé’s or next-in-line baby mommas should take that as a message too.)

Umm umph!

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