Solange Knowles’ Friend & Business Partner Stabbed 10 Times in New Orleans


Solange Knowles’ friend and business partner, Armina Mussa, is in critical condition after being stabbed 10 times in New Orleans Wednesday (Apr. 8) evening. reports that 26-year-old Arronesia Christophe, who’s the alleged friend of Mussa’s ex-boyfriend, was booked and charged with attempted second-degree murder for the brutal attack on Mussa, 24.




According to Christophe, she arrived at her male friend’s home at approximately 6:45 p.m. when Mussa came out yelling at her to leave.

Christophe reportedly said, “We’re just friends, why do I have to leave?” She then grabbed a small folding knife from the center console of her car and told Mussa to “get back,” and asked her to “please back away,” but she claimed Mussa continued to yell at her.

The suspect then told police that Mussa proceeded to punch her and pull her down by her hair, so she began to swing her knife in self-defense.

“[Christophe] stated she did not think she had stabbed the victim due to the harder thrown punches that she received from the victim,” the arresting officer wrote in a police report.

Christophe claimed she stopped swinging the knife when Mussa stepped back and said, “You stabbed me.” Christophe stayed on the scene until police arrived. She is currently being held at the Orleans Parish Prison on a $50,000 bond.

Mussa was rushed to a nearby hospital where she underwent multiple surgeries and remains in critical condition. Solange, who was scheduled to DJ at an event during the Coachella festival in LA, immediately flew into New Orleans where she remains by Mussa’s side.

Together, Solange and Armina own the Exodus Goods clothing boutique in NOLA. Armina is also the project director of Solo’s creative brand Saint Heron.

While this story is undoubtedly tragic, it appears that a man is at the root of this horror. Christophe’s accounts sound stretched, and truth is no one knows what really went on that evening besides the people who were involved. But if Arronesia’s story holds any truth, let this be a lesson to all women that we need to think smarter when it comes to the way we react to situations involving men, and conflict in general. People are crazy and anything could happen when we decide to act based on our emotions. (There’s no way a grown woman should be pulling out a potentially fatal weapon to “defend” herself from another grown woman.) SMH.

Nevertheless, let’s all say a special prayer for Armina’s recovery. May God be with her, her friends and family, and anyone else affected by this tragedy.

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