WATCH: Man Who Recorded Walter Scott Murder Speaks Out + Scott’s Family Meets the Courageous Hero

feidin santana

Feidin Santana, the man who caught video of a South Carolina police officer firing eight shots into the back of an unarmed Black man , is speaking out.

NBC News reports:

‘I won’t deny that I knew the magnitude of this, and I even thought about erasing the video,’ Santana said in an interview on MSNBC’s ‘All In With Chris Hayes’ Wednesday.

‘I felt that my life, with this information, might be in danger. I thought about erasing the video and just getting out of the community, you know Charleston, and living some place else,’ the 23-year-old said. ‘I knew the cop didn’t do the right thing.’

‘I say life changed in a matter of seconds. I never thought this would happen, that I would be a witness,’ he told TODAY’s Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview Thursday. ‘I’m still scared.’

Santana’s recording led to Officer Slager being arrested and charged with murder Tuesday (Apr. 7).  Despite his brave decision to come forward, Santana is worried that North Charleston police will kill him for releasing his game-changing recording and speaking out about what he saw.

“He’s afraid,” Santana’s attorney, Todd Rutherford, said. “The first thing he said to me this morning was ‘how can I get protection?’ You’ve got other officers that are now being investigated because this video, that said that they performed CPR on Mr. Scott as he was laying there dying, who [Santana] said five minutes afterwards he never saw them do any life-saving techniques at all, including CPR. So what does he do when the people who that are supposed to protect us are the ones that are turned against us.”


Watch Feidin’s courageous interview with NBC News below. #Salute!

After Santana recorded the incident, he held onto the video to see how to the police department would handle the situation. When he saw that they were attempting to cover up what really went down, he released the video to Scott’s family so that they could see the truth behind what had occurred between their loved one and Officer Slager. They’ve  since deemed Santana a “hero,” and rightfully so.

Take a look at their emotional meeting.


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