Did He Slay?: Chris Brown Debuts New Rainbow-Colored Hair

chris brown rainbow 2

Chris Breezy recently premiered his rainbow-colored ‘do on social media, before deleting flicks of his magically delicious new look. His tie-dyed mane sparked an open roast session on Instagram and Twitter, igniting comparisons to rainbow slushies, multi-colored feather dusters, and Dennis Rodman.

But others think the bold Skittles-flavored fade is a good look. You be the judge.

Did C.B. kill it?

If you’re young, Black, and dipped in swag, send a flick of your BEST look to contact_cm@misscm.com or hashtag #DidTheySlay on a killer pic on IG so that Miss CM’s audience can vote on your style.  Be sure to provide your name, hometown, and ethnic background with the picture. 


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