Clorox Bleach Gets Bashed for ‘Racist’ Emoji Tweet


Last week, Apple launched their new set of diverse emojis on its Yosemite 10.10.3 for OS X users. Included in the mix are emojis of Black and Brown emoticons, as well as representations of other races and ethnic groups.

So when Clorox decided to joke about adding their bleach to the lineup of new emojis, people took it as an insinuation that the Black and Brown additions needed to be bleached out.

Many others, however, thought that people were overreacting and that Clorox’s joke was just that, a joke.

With all the controversy (that they intentionally sparked) surrounding the sketchy tweet, Clorox eventually deleted it and issued an “apology.”


Personally, I believe that this whole thing was a setup. A marketing scheme; an offensive, but brilliant one. With the pervasiveness of the bleaching epidemic in various Black cultures, there’s no way that the branding experts behind Clorox aren’t aware of what’s going on, especially in regards to a trend that relates to their star product.

So they threw shade on the low, knowing a large number of Black people would be enraged, and an even larger slice of the population would clap back in disbelief that something that seems so simple and “innocent” could be “blown out of proportion.” Thus their very on #Clorox hashtag on social media, millions of people debating, discussing and buzzing about the Clorox controversy, and millions more in their pockets.

But hey, I could be wrong.

What are your thoughts readers? Was this Clorox scandal really a slap-in-the-face, or are people taking it way too serious?

Via The Root and Madame Noire 

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