Rihanna Shuts Down Cocaine Rumors


A couple days ago, a brow-raising video popped up on Instagram displaying what appeared to be Rihanna snorting cocaine while partying with friends on her tour bus (click here if you missed that.)

But I guess we could all chill out with the whacky cracky speculation (get it? Whacky cracky?) because RiRi shut all that ish down when she left a nasty little comment under the original post.

rih responds to coke rumors


Somebody’s mad.

The “B*tch Better Have My Money” singer then reposted a photo that’s been circulating online since the coke rumors took off with a sarcastic caption.

To top it all off, she hit us with a new video from the same night at the Coachella Festival, showing her at a different angle to prove Bad Gal is NOT “in love with the co-co.”

(Wipes sweat from forehead.) That was a close one! Now we have one less negative to add to Miss Tatalicious’ list of youth corrupters.

Via Global Grind & Rhymes with Snitch

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