Fashion Killa of the Week: Sarah Sabrina Ntamagiro

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Ethnic background: Burundian (East Africa)
Hometown: Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Age: 23
Facebook/IG: Sarah Sabrina Ntamagiro; @Iam_ssn
Weapon of choice: “HAT!”
Go-to accessories: necklace & rings
“Super heroes have sidekicks, but all I need are my heels to save the day.”
“Somebody call the cops, it should be a crime the way my creepers make jaws drop and traffic stop.”

With the unique ability to don different designs and make them all look good, it’s hard to put Sarah Ntamagiro in a box. She can be casual, she can be chic, she can be vintage, she can be street—whatever the case, this fashion firebomb is always dressed to slay! (Not to mention her killer set of dimples.) But nothing makes this young Burundian queen feel more of a knockout than a pair of cutesy high heels or some funky, cool creepers.

Watch her werk!

CM: You seem to play with different looks and personas often, would you say that you have one set style?

Sarah: I don’t really have a style because it depends on the mood that I’m in and where I am going. If I would really have to describe my style, then I would categorize myself as a vintage fashion street-styler with a mixture of elegance.

Who or what is your biggest source of fashion inspiration?

It is very hard to answer this because when it comes to fashion, you are inspired by everything around you. My biggest source of fashion inspiration would be a combination of social media and television. Bloggers who inspire me on social media with their styles and creativity would be: Chiara Ferragni, Vanessa Hong, Aimee Song & Dani Song and of course, my all-time favorite, FOLAKE HUNTOON! But besides social media, I also get inspired by different TV characters such as Olivia Pope (Scandal), Jessica Pearson (Suits), Hilary banks (Fresh Prince of Bel Air) and, believe it or not, Dionne from Clueless!!

Does your African culture influence your style in any way?

Definitely. In African fashion, there are a lot of colors and statement necklaces, which I love. I myself really love to wear black, but this spring and summer it is all going to change because I have fallen in love with colors and it is all because of the beautiful African prints I keep seeing.

What is it about fashion that you enjoy or find liberating?

The thing that I enjoy about fashion is the self-expression that comes with it and the creativity. Through fashion, one can present their own identity and talent. On top of that, I personally see fashion as therapy. If you are having a stressful week or period, but you still manage to slay, you will feel confident within and look flawless, and I think that can cheer someone up.

Are you pursuing fashion professionally?

No, not currently. But if a door of opportunity opens, I will not hesitate to go through that door.

What’s your favorite season to dress-up in?

Spring is definitely my favorite season. The reason I chose spring is because it is a balance between winter and summer and because I get to wear all types of clothes. I don’t have to put away my winter clothes, and at the same time, I can take out my summer clothes and combine them with the winter outfits.

This winter, I was addicted to oversized sweaters and I am planning to actually keep wearing them in spring by combining them with high-waisted bodycon skirts. Of course, you can also do this in autumn, but spring is just so colorful and bright.

Who is your favorite fashion designer?

I am currently very inspired by three different African designers because they manage to design and create beautiful magnificent designs with a mixture of African print and other fabrics: Duro Oluwu because of his unique, daring and colorful designs; Anita Quansah London for her amazing statement jewelry collection; the Burundian designer of Kabaza Designs.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you’d give to anyone when it comes to putting together a killer outfit?

Put together an outfit that defines you; an outfit that totally makes you comfortable. When it comes to putting an outfit together, you have to be selfish and just wear whatever makes you happy. You have to just do you and nobody else. On top of that, I would say combine an outfit of the day that defines your mood and personality so that people would just know who you are and how you are feeling by just looking at you.

Take it from a pro. Flip the pages for some of Sarah’s best #OOTDs.*

*Outfit of the day.

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