School Boys Kill Ghana’s Alkayida Dance!

alkayida dance 2

Next to Azonto, the Alkayida dance (pronounced “Al-Qaeda”) is one of the hottest things poppin’ off in West Africa right now, particularly Ghana, where the styles originate. The dance became a viral craze during the second half of 2013 when more and more kids started to upload videos demonstrating Alkayida moves, and it took off from there.

Although the name “Alkayida” is a play on the Islamic group Al-Qaeda (some of the dancers even wear Arab-like clothes like keffiyehs and thawbs or boubous, playing with the pun of Alkayida/Akayida sounding like Al Qaeda), there is no connection between the dance and the political organization other than the name, says Alkayida’s Wiki Page.

Now when it comes down to the get down, this dance is something serious! According to Ghana Sports Online, the Alkayida dance: “Has […] emphasis on side to side moves, incorporating upper and body gestures, and encouraging group routines as well as individual competition.” The dance also involves free-style, footwork, frequent hip thrusts, pelvic twirls and incorporates elements of hip-hop dance as well.

Now it’s time to see what the Alkayida dance is all about!

Check out the video below. (These school boys kill it!)


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