Creflo Dollar Responds To $65 Million Jet Critics: ‘I Dare You Tell Me I Can’t Dream’

creflo dollar

This fool.

Last month, famed televangelist Theftflo Creflo Dollar came under some hellish fire when news spread of his shady fundraiser that launched to finance a $65 million jet for “global missions.”

Everyone in their right minds questioned why the hell a “pastor” would ask his struggling supporters to contribute to such a vain cause in the name of “Jesus.” Is that really Christian-like?

Considering the amount of backlash, reps for Mr. Funny-Monies “ministry” announced that his shameful fundraiser had been shutdown. But that didn’t stop this fraud from pulling up to the pulpit to preach, holler and shout his way out of this foolishness—at least he tried it.

In a “sermon” at his Georgia church, All-About-The-Dollars defended that fundraiser like his life depended on it.

“You cannot stop and you cannot curse what God has blessed,” he told his massive congregation of dummies. “Half the people that are commenting on the Internet don’t even know me. They don’t know this ministry. They don’t know what we do. That’s why they ask the question: ‘What does a preacher need with an airplane? If you knew what we did then you wouldn’t ask that question. But you don’t know what we do…”

Yeah, we know EXACTLY what you do: steal from weak-minded people under the guise of God. But carry on.

“If you think a $65 million plane was too much, if they discover that there’s life on Mars, they gon’ need to hear the Gospel and I’m gon have to believe God for a $1 billion space shuttle because we got to preach the Gospel on Mars,” he continued. “I dare you to tell me I can’t dream. I dare you to tell me I can’t believe God.”

End scene.

Sigh. Check out this foolery below.


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