Remember This?:’House Party’

house party

Whether you were 5, 10, 20 or 30 when it dropped, House Party had everybody cracking up and ready to break out there dancing shoes with its hilarious storyline and hype ’90s dance moves. (Oh, can’t forget that Kid ‘n Play did kinda get busy on the mic.)

Besides the epic dance battle starring Kid ‘n Play versus  Sydney and Sharane, one of my faaaaaaavorite parts of the movie was when Pop (played by legendary comedian Robin Harris) came looking for his “eraser head” son (Kid) after he snuck out and went to Play’s party when he was supposed to be in the house grounded. (Hilarious!)

Not only is this flick a knee-slaper, but it captured everything ’90s: From the fashion, to the hairstyles, to the energetic dance moves and pumped-up music. And with a cast full of stars (can’t forget about Martin as Bilal and Tisha Campbell as Sydney, both who went on to star in our all-time favorite ’90s sitcom, Martin) this movie will always be considered a classic.


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