Fashion Killa of the Week: Derrick King



Hometown: Newark, NJ
Ethnic background: African American
Age: 27
Facebook/Twitter/IG handles: Derrick King; yourkingishereyourkingishere
Weapon of choice: “a nice brim”
Go-to accessory: sunglasses
 “If I were a piece of clothing, I would be a bow tie because everyone wants to wear them, but only a few can tie them. Exclusitivity at its best.
“I murder the scene whenever I pull up in anything. Dress with intent to kill.

As founder and CEO of his own interior designing house, Derrick King knows all about putting together killer threads, color combos and elegant displays. So it’s no wonder that his flair for fancy translates into his personal wardrobe of dapper meets chic. With his self-described “tailored, eccentric and classic” magic, this Newark native does way more than make interiors shine–he’s his own masterpiece.

You’re an interior decorator and owner of your own company, Interior Concepts by Derrick King. So with that background, I feel like there’s a deep connection between your knack for dressing homes and your skill of styling clothes. How has your talent for interior designing influenced your fashion sense, if in any way?

Fashion was actually my first love, so I think fashion has inspired the way I approach interior design. My work usually lends itself to be clean and tailored (which is my preferred style of dress). However, there’s nothing starch and traditional about my aesthetic. It may have its roots in ‘times past’ but there will definitely be a modern spin to it.

Layering is also a technique that translates from fashion to interior design. It’s not a specific piece that makes the look, but the collective of all of the items placed so intricately that allow for the look to be as great as it is. With that being said, it must be done right. There’s a fine line between too much and not enough. Editing is key.

When it comes to fashion, from whom or what do you draw your biggest inspiration?

Art and people around me. There’s not a specific person that I look to for inspiration. I’m not big on following celebrities. I am more so drawn to street style and individuals I see walking around [New York City]. They inspire me. When traveling, it’s so cool to see the ‘style beat’ of a city. It just reinforces how broad fashion and style is.

So there aren’t any celebrities whose style you admire? There has to be at least one.

Yeah, this is hard for me…I dig Solange though! One day she just decided to be herself and I love it. She knows what to do with color.

Who is your favorite fashion designer?

My favorite fashion designers are Dom Streater and Mondo Guerra. They’re both Project Runway winners and are both print masters!

What is it about fashion that you’re drawn to?  

Before people hear you speak or become acquainted with who you are, they see you. Fashion allows you to say so much without having to say anything at all. Monday you can be an emperor and Tuesday you can be a b-boy.

Where does your love for fashion come from?

Since I can remember, I’ve always loved fashion. In high school, I had aspirations of becoming a fashion designer. There was even a write up on me in the Star Ledger. I and a fellow classmate had sketched prom dresses for seniors that were looking to have their dresses made.

Well, since you’re such a style expert, having newspaper articles being written on you and all [laughs], can you give the people some advice on how to put together a killer outfit?

Don’t think too hard. Style should be effortless. When it’s the right look, it just feels right and there will be no need to second guess yourself.

Take it from a pro. Flip the pages for a look at some of Derrick’s best ensembles.

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