Remember This?: Mamba Candy



Back in the early 2000s, I was addicted to these things! Me and my crew would hit up the local corner store to rack up on these little sugar rushes like every-single-day. I liked all the flavors, but my all-time favorites were the lemon and strawberry. I got a serious kick out of these fruity chews for a short while before they suddenly disappeared from my neighborhood convenience joint.

As it turns out, Mamba had been recalled in Poland in 2001 due to the fact that the fruit chews contains a beef-based gelatin ingredient. Since this was during the era of the “mad cow” disease scare, where nearly 100 Europeans had died from the outbreak, there was quite some controversy surrounding the distribution of Mamba in the States. Even though the German-based candy continued sales in the U.S. following the incident, I haven’t seen these little diseased treats in my ‘hood ever since. And honestly, I’d prefer to leave these diabetes chews right on in the past.

Great memories though.

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