Laila Ali Bares Her Thoughts on Floyd Mayweather: ‘I See a Little Boy, I See a Broken Person’

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Just before the most anticipated fight of the decade aired Saturday night (May 2), ESPN released clips of an interview between Stephen A. Smith and Floyd Mayweather. During the chat session, Money Mayweather deemed himself a better boxer than legendary fighters like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson.

“No one can ever brainwash me to make me believe that Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali was better than me,” he said. “No one could ever brainwash me and tell me that. But one thing I will do, I’m going to take my hat off to them and respect those guys because those are the guys that paved the way for me to be where I’m at today.”

Well, Laila Ali caught wind of the boxing champs brazen comments and addressed them on a segment of CBS Sports over the weekend. In regards to Mayweather claiming he is a better fighter than her dad was, Laila said:

That’s ok because I believe that as a fighter and a champion, especially as someone on his level, he should feel like that about himself. But that doesn’t make it true. The first thing I think about is, first of all, I don’t agree that he’s better than Muhammad Ali and that’s a whole ‘nother conversation. But I think about the man my father is, outside of the ring. So there’s times when–’cause I know Floyd, I know his family, Roger Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather Sr. both used to trained me. I’ve been in the gym with him. And there have been times when I wanted to reach out to him and have a conversation with him because I see a little boy, even though he’s a grown man. 

And I see a broken person. And I know when you have money and you have ‘power’ and you have all these ‘yes’ people around you, sometimes you don’t have that person to really pull you aside and give it to you straight. So every once in a while, I’m just like ‘I need to reach out to Floyd and have a conversation with him’ because I don’t hate him. I dislike the way that he acts, I dislike the way that he treats people and obviously I’m definitely not down with this beating up on women. Because that’s very cowardly. But the first thing I think about is he needs somebody to reach out to him and kind of guide him. 

Ding ding! Those gloves came right on off.

Now, many people, like myself, agree with what Laila had to say about Pretty Boy Floyd’s shameful persona. But others believe she should’ve actually pulled him to the side and had that chat with the his arrogant a** before she went on national TV and put him on blast. I agree with that also, but we’re talking about Floyd Mayweather here…aka Mr. D*ckhead kinda, sorta deserved it.

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