Today’s Funny: Old Man Boots Deadly Snake for No Reason

On a beautiful summer day, onlookers captured video of this elderly man strolling along a picnic area at a beach in Australia. But this wasn’t just any ol’ senior citizen. Grandpa proved that he’s not afraid to dance with the devil when he came face to foot with one of the world’s deadliest reptiles. Instead of running the other way like most sane people, Gangsta Granny booted the eastern brown snake right in the pooper. And when the venomous creature flared up in anger, ol’  Flex Foot didn’t even flench, but instead cocked back and gave ’em another lick to the dome. The vicious snake then realized he was f%$kin’ wit’ a real OG and slid away. And Pops cooly walked off like nothing ever happened.

Talk about thug life.

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