The Daily Buzz: Serbian Pop Star Accuses Beyoncé of Stealing Her Steez + Chris Brown Falls Off Stage in Vegas

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Serbian Pop Star Comes of Beyoncé

Earlier this year, Serbian super star Jelena Karleusha accused Kim Kardashian of playing her style too close. Now this time around, she’s coming after Beyoncé for steez-stealing. It all started after Baddie Bey began posting flicks of her Met Gala look on Instagram Monday evening.

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Once she uploaded that one, Jelena had an “oh sh*t” moment and unleashed a “throwback” of herself dressed in a strikingly similar getup, laid pony, and pose.

Of course, the subliminal didn’t go unnoticed by Beyonce’s nutty ass BeyHive, thus, they began their attack.

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After she was called out, the Euro pop star went all out and blasted Mrs. Carter for lacking originality at her expense:

It's called ORIGINALITY. You should try it sometime.

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Now, I’m not saying Beyoncé did or didn’t “borrow” from Ms. Thirst Queen Karleusha, but those costumes do look a tab bit twinsie. Just a little.

Source: Rhymes with Snitch  

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Chris Brown Falls Off Stage During Birthday Performance

Chris Brown put on a real show last night for his b-day on the Vegas Strip. He went all out at club Drai’s for this 26th, and even had adorable footage of his baby girl Royalty playing on a screen during his celebration. But all that went left when Breezy tried to hit a Michael Jackson spin move during his performance and twirled his little ass right off the front of the stage.

Guess Chris popped one too many bottles that night. BWAHAHAHAHA!

 Sources: TMZ and Rhymes with Snitch 

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