The Daily Buzz: Amber Rose Exposes Kanye + Chris Brown Speaks Out About Naked Stalker

amber kanye

Amber Rose Exposes Kanye

When it comes to the catty beef between Amber Rose, Kanye Kardashian West and his Kardashian clan, Amber has been pretty upstanding in keeping hush on all Ye’s dirty little secrets. But all that recently changed when Muva was at a hosting gig where the DJ decided to throw on her ex man’s music. (Still talking about Kanye here, this has nothing to do with Purple Passion aka Wiz Khalifa.)

The famed booty-popper went straight Philly as she commenced to stop the music and tell the DJ:

“Stop playing n*ggas I used to f*ck, stop. Why don’t we play the n*gga who writes the songs for the other n*gga, Travis Scott!”

kim k shocked

Granted Yeezy was completely disrespectful to Amber when he weighed in on her beef with his wife Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and their little sister Kylie Jenner, but am I the only once who thinks they’re all too old for this crap (Kylie not included)?


Kids, please don’t behave like this when you grow up.

Source: All Hip Hop

cb green

Chris Brown Addresses Naked Stalker Incident

Yesterday, I told you about the lunatic lady that Chris Brown and his crew found naked in his bed (click here if you missed that). Well, it didn’t take long for CB to break silence about the crazy sh*t that went down that eerie Wednesday night.

In an Instagram post, which he later deleted, Breezy unveiled his stalker and let his fans know exactly how she broke into his house and the sick things she did while there.


cb stalker

cb stalker ig

That must be some strong Voodoo she was practicing to break the hinges off his door. WHAT THE?!

Source: Rhymes with Snitch


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