Fashion Killa of the Week: Grant Kee


Ethnic background: African American
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Age: 24
Facebook/Twitter/IG handles: GrantKee
Weapon of choice: crisp button down
Go-to accessory: shades
“If I were a piece of clothing, I would be Dior because it tailors me perfectly.
“I murder the scene whenever I pull up in my crisp white button down.

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Grant has the type of style that makes you want to dig in your closet and pull out your best church attire. He’s groomed, he’s clean, with a polished-tailored look that’s oh so mean! When you have style like this, it’s only right that you get recognized as a super fly fashion killa.

CM: We live in a time where a lot of our young men are bent on sagging and hip hop and street attire. But then here you are with your tailored, fit, clean-cut look. Have you always dressed this sharp, or is this a style that you grew into?

Grant: Yes, I have always wanted to dress to impress since I can remember. Street attire is a trend and I do not like to participate in trends.

How often do you throw on a pair of jeans and sneaks?

Not often, I like to mix old with new.

Who–or what–are some of your biggest sources of inspiration?

I never pull from current styles nor pay any attention to the new age of style. My inspiration comes from men such as Harry Belafonte, David Ruffin, Sammie Davis Jr. , and 1970s style. I’ve notice that the new age of people that are into fashion stick with trends. I’ve never participated in the latest trends. I consider myself a new breed that cannot be compared.

You mentioned some older cats who were smooth when it comes to the thread game, but are there any current celebs whose style you admire?

I admire Miguel and Robin Thick. They both execute the styles that I pull from very well.

What is about fashion that you’re drawn to?

Fashion is about showcasing your personality and being creative. There is no wrong in fashion, it’s an art, and that’s what I love about fashoin.

On a scale of one to ten, how important is fashion to you?

Five. I don’t dedicate my life to fashion. Fashion is very organic for me.

Are you pursuing fashion professionally?

I have modeled as a kid doing a lot of print work. Since I’ve graduated from college, I now wouldn’t mind getting back to doing print work professionally.

If you did get into fashion professionally, what would be some of your goals?

I would honestly love to work behind the scenes versus being in front of the camera. I’ve directed and produced fashion shows in college and I really enjoyed it.

Who is your favorite fashion designer?

Dior; Dior Tailors me very well and fits perfectly. But honestly, I would rock any designer as long as it looks good on me. I’m not picky at all. I’m a firm believer in ‘I wear the clothes, I don’t let the clothes wear me.’ In other words: kill each outfit no matter what it is, wear it with nothing but confidence.

And Mr. Kee can show you exactly how it’s done. Flip the pages for some of Grant’s hottest looks.

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