Black Fact of the Week: North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company is the Country’s First Black-Owned Insurance Corp.

north carolina mutual life insurance company founders

The saying that you could be anything that you want to be holds truth, even in the midst of hardship and adversity, just take it from Charles Clinton, Dr. Aaron McDuffie Moore and ex-slave-turned-successful-entrepreneur John Merrick.

Despite the presence of racial inequality, segregation and limited opportunity for Blacks, in 1898, these three brilliant leaders founded the very first Black-owned insurance company in America, the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Co. In 1934, it was the nation’s largest black-owned business; and today, it stands tall as one of the nation’s oldest black-owned businesses and the largest black-owned insurance company in the United States.

Now that’s #BlackExcellence!

Sources: North Carolina Mutual LIfe Insurance Co. ; The Root 

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