Fashion Killa of the Week: Nadege Casanova



Ethnic background: Haitian
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Age: 29
Facebook/IG: Styleby Casanova; Styledbycasanova
Youtube: Styleby Casanova
Weapon of choice: a killer pair of heels
Go-to accessory: bangles
If I were a piece of clothing, I would be a blazer because it can be dressed up or down. You can’t go wrong with a fitted blazer or a boyfriend cut blazer.”
“I murder the scene whenever I pull up with my hair done.”

With a budding YouTube channel and growing closet to match, Nadege Casanova is slowly making her mark on the online fashion world. When it comes to vlogging, she doesn’t mind dishing the deets on her hot new threads and sashaying her way to Instagram to model them for the world to see. Currently residing in Savannah, Georgia, the Brooklyn native didn’t forget to pack up the sass when she moved South, and when you get a taste of her sizzling style, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

CM: You self-described your style as ‘business with attitude,’ where does your fashion inspiration come from? 

Casanova: My style is truly inspired by what makes me feel good and what looks good on me. I love shopping consignment and vintage and once I find that one piece, I do all the necessary alterations.

What’s your BIGGEST source of fashion inspiration?

My biggest source of inspiration has to be fashion run way…the show. I say this because you get to see the construction and the mindset of a designer. It makes my creative juices flow.

Any celebs whose style you admire?

I admire Victoria Beckham, La La Anthony, Gabriel Union, and recently Ciara. Their style is very elegant, but sexy. As women we don’t always need to be naked to be sexy. These women are also business-minded which gives them an A-plus in my book.

What does fashion mean to you–why do you love fashion?

Fashion to me is an expression of one’s self that can be seen by everyone. The reality is people sometimes judge by appearance. I love fashion because it’s free expression. There is no right, wrong or judgement–it’s what you feel. And that can’t be taken away from you.

On a scale of one to ten, how important is fashion to you?

I would say a 9… fashion plays a role in getting and keeping a job. Fashion tells people what you think about yourself.

Are you pursuing fashion professionally? 

Right now I have my YouTube channel where I share my buys and on Instagram, I model the outfits. I’ve styled three photo shoots for a boutique in the past.

And what have been some of your biggest accomplishments in the fashion world thus far?

I havent accomplished anything [big] in the fashion world thus far, but I’m praying the path I’m on is headed to bigger things and more opportunities. If it turns into something professional, great. If not, I love what I’m doing now.

What are your goals as a fashion professional?

My professional goal is to be a commentator on a fashion network or even do one of those makeover shows. I love seeing other people get comfortable in thier skin.

Who would you say is the most influential figure in women’s fashion today?

I think Michelle Obama, and if she’s not, she should be. Her sense of fashion is great! She mix’s highs and lows and looks absolutely gorgeous!

Who is your favorite fashion designer?

I don’t really have a favorite designer necessarily, but I like Zac Posen, DVF, Vera Wang, Calvin Klien, JCrew, and Givenchy. I like them because they make well-contructed items.

In your opinion, what makes an outfit hot?

An outfit is only hot if you feel great in it. If you’re uncomfortable or pulling it down every two seconds instead of enjoying yourself, it’s not hot. So first rule of fashion: be true to yourself!

What makes you a ‘fashion killa’?

I believe I’m a fashion killa cause I’ve reached a place where I’m comfortable with myself. I’ve had such insecurities and I managed to always second guess myself. At my age now, I feel free. I love playing with colors, patterns, and texture.

Isn’t confidence key with all thread slayers? But with her killer steez, there’s really no need for Casanova NOT to feel secure in anything she’s wearing. Need receipts? Check out some of this beauty’s best looks on the following pages.

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