Fashion Killa of the Week: AD White




Ethnic background: African American
Hometown: Gastonia, NC, by way of Atlanta, GA
Age: 30
IG/Twitter: @iamADWhite
Blog: “Under construction , stay tuned!”
Weapon of choice: black and grey Dior blazer
Go-to accessory: a lapel pin.
 “If I were a piece of clothing, I would be be a knit tie because I’m pretty straight-laced but I have a lot of personality. Conservative with an edge.”
“I murder the scene whenever I pull up in my tan wing tips. They’re a classic style, but I make them fresh and new when I wear them with jeans.”

He may not be a stylist or a crafty clothing designer climbing his way to the top of the fashion industry, but AD White knows all about throwing together stylish threads without the pins and needles. He’s the perfect example of an ordinary guy who stays fly just because…(and he does it oh so well).

There have been a number of models, image consultants, and clothing designers featured on Miss CM, but you don’t have to be a fancy stylist or a runway model to be a true “fashion killa,” just take it from AD.

CM: You mentioned that you’re not involved in the fashion world on a professional level, so fill me in on what it is that you do.
AD: I am pursuing a career in broadcasting.
Cool! At what college did you study?
I went to a small, private liberal arts university in North Carolina named Pfeiffer University (go Falcons)! I studied Communications (concentration in Journalism) and Psychology. My ultimate goal is to be a TV reporter. I want to change the face of news delivery. Right now there are not many positive examples to represent the loc’d community and I want to be that.
So, being that you aren’t pursuing fashion professionally, why are you into fashion? Is it something that’s therapeutic for you, or is it just something you enjoy playing around with?
To me, fashion is a great way to show your personality. You can tell a lot about a person by what they wear. To me, it’s just fun to play with your style and express yourself through your clothes.
Speaking of style, how would you describe yours?
My style is clean cut with an edge…simplicity with a twist.
I noticed that you have a thing for suits and ties. What is it about that look that you’re drawn to?
I wear suits and ties a lot because people treat me differently when I wear them and I like that feeling. I dress for the career I want. When I go to the store in jeans and sneakers, I get, ‘What’s up bro?’ When I go in a suit, I get, ‘Hello sir. How may I help you?’ It’s just a sense of respect that a well-tailored suit demands.
Who or what inspires your sense of fashion?
My style is inspired by where I want to go in life. Sure, it would be easy for me to wear sweats everyday, but because I want to work in broadcasting, I need my look to be more formal and polished. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m almost more comfortable in oxfords than sneakers. People are always like, ‘Those new Jordans are about to come out.’ And I’m like, ‘That’s what’s up. Call me when those Cole Haans drop!’
Any celebs whose style you admire? 
Celebs [whose] style I admire are Terrence J and Justin Timberlake because they are always tailored and polished. Pharrell and Kanye because they push the envelope and take risks.
Who would you say is the most influential figure in men’s fashion today?
I think Kanye is the most influential man in fashion because he wears whatever he wants and he makes others want to wear it too. It’s like he takes all of the ‘rules’ in fashion and writes them on a piece of paper and then rips the paper. Kanye does (and says) whatever Kanye wants and you can’t help but respect that.
Who is your favorite fashion designer?
I like Calvin Klein. The clothes usually fit my style and are usually comfortable and easy to maintain.
In your opinion, what makes an outfit hot?
I think two things make an outfit hot: One: The actual fit. Nothing worse than an ill-fitting suit. A good tailor isn’t too expensive and paying the extra money to get your clothes professionally tailored is worth it!; two: Confidence. If an outfit makes you feel good, you can pull it off.
Just let Mr. White be your guide. Flip the pages to get a look at some of AD’s cleanest fits.
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