So… About Lil Mama’s ‘Sausage’

lil mama sausage scene

Lil Mama is probably thee most underrated and hated female MC in hip hop culture today. And if I had to take a stab at it, I’d say that’s most likely due to the fact that she crashed the stage during Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ VMAs performance all those years ago.

lil mama crashes stage

As hilarious as the stunt was, it still left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths, but if you ask me, it really wasn’t that serious.

Since her stage-crashing performance, the Harlem rapstress really hasn’t been visible in the entertainment world apart from her star role in VH1’s smash movie special CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story. But this past Friday, all that changed when the lil’ one dropped the video to her brand new single, “Sausage.”

Now it’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard a track from the young femcee, with her first and last BIG record being her 2007 debut “Lipgloss,” but this new joint is FIYAH! The track pays homage to hip hop and R&B greats such as the Wu Tang Clan, Slick Rick, Mary J. Blige, and she even incorporates modern hip hop trends in the song and video like The Whip dance and an impressive Fetty Wap flow.

Following it’s premiere, “Sausage” became a trending topic on Twitter, and of course, there have been a slew of naysayers saying that the track is unoriginal and she stole the hook from the popular #sausage Vine trend that has taken off in recent months. (Guess they don’t know the definition of “inspiration” or the history of hip hop. Rolls eyes.) You can say what you want about Lil Mama, or the song, but the fact remains that she’s super-talented and she’s delivering a positive message to our youth: Practice safe sex! Now how you gone be mad at that?

It’s super-refreshing to hear a hip hop song promoting positivity and fun as opposed to the hypersexualized, devaluing, degrading, and culturally disintegrating garbage that usually gets played on the radio. (Not to mention she absolutely KILLED the dance scenes in this video!)  So regardless of what anyone else says, I’m rooting for you Lil Mama, I’m rooting for ya!

What do you all think about this new track?

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